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Assistive Practitioner


Course Details

Have you completed the Trusted Assessor course and are looking to further your knowledge?

This course is accredited through Open Awards at level 3 and the content of the four days are covered
as follows:-

  • Day 1: An insight into some common medical conditions and how they affect an individual’s ability to perform everyday tasks.
  • Day 2: Continuing medical conditions including an in-depth look at stair-lifts and the risks and regulations surrounding their use.
  • Day 3: Elements of relevant Disability Awareness, basic mathematical techniques required for ramp assessment (gradients) and planning wet rooms (floor plans, scale diagrams, turning space).
  • Day 4: The use of mathematical techniques to plan and analyse real life ramp and wet room requests, together with relevant practical issues to ensure a speedy service and client satisfaction

Target Group: Delegates who have completed the Trusted Assessor course.

Presenters: Jayne Watson BSc (Hons) Occupational Therapist
Angela Christian BSc ( Hons) Occupational Therapist
Chris Cammiss Disability Trainer and Advisor

Venue: Disabled Living Centre, Burrows House, Worsley, Manchester, M28 2LY.

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Cost: £600 + VAT

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