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M&H Children

This course explores the Moving & Handling of children in community and hospital settings. There is a practical problem solving approach, using equipment and techniques tailored for those working with children, or for those assessing their Moving & Handling needs.

MH Children pageThe course aims to enable delegates to handle children more effectively, in their work areas, using safer moving methods.
The course aims to enable delegates to handle children in ways which maximise the skills of the child and maintain the safety of the handler.
Delegates will be able to use relevant law and guidance when Risk Assessing the Manual Handling needs of children. Delegates will be able to identify a range of practical recommendations when assessing the Manual Handling needs of a child. Delegates will be able to perform practical methods used to help children move, with and without equipment.

Target Group

All who Move and Handle Children.


Elizabeth Hallows Chartered Physiotherapist MCSP LPC (Back Care Management)


Burrows House, 10 Priestly Road, Worsley, Manchester, M28 2LY.

Prices & Booking

Cost: £95 + VAT (includes light lunch and refreshments)

If you require more information please email training@disabledliving.co.uk.


Disabled Living reserves the right to cancel/rearrange course dates. An alternative date or full refund would be offered. In the case of a delegate cancelling the following charges will be incurred:

28 days or less full cost
5 weeks 75% cost
6 weeks 50% cost
7 weeks 25% cost
8 weeks Full refund

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