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Promoting Continence

Healthcare professionals will be able to update their knowledge on continence assessment treatment and management.

By the end of the session you should have a good understanding of the following aspects:

Course content

  • Anatomy and Physiology
  • Types and causes of bladder incontinence
  • Assessment of bladder incontinence
  • Treatment and Management options for Bladder Symptoms

It will also give you the opportunity to discuss or raise questions on any aspects of urinary incontinence.

The course will provide staff working in health and social care, with the necessary knowledge on the causes of incontinence and the treatment options available, so practitioners can assist patient’s/ client’s to maintain continence and where possible.

Target audience

All registered nurses, healthcare support worker and care staff working in health and social care.

Key content

This course aims to provide a sound clinical and theoretical basis for continence care. Emphasis will be placed on assessment, provision and evaluation of continence care within a variety of healthcare settings. Successful completion of the course will enable practitioners to be a key resource in continence care.

By the end of the session you should have a good understanding of the following aspects:

  • Gain further understanding of anatomy and physiology
  • Increase knowledge and understanding of continence assessment
  • Identify the main causes of urinary incontinence, and the impact on the individuals
  • Awareness of treatment and management options
  • Increase knowledge on the aids and appliances that are used in the management of bladder incontinence


Disabled Living reserves the right to cancel/rearrange course dates.
An alternative date or full refund would be offered. In the case of a delegate cancelling the following charges will be incurred:

28 days or less full cost
5 weeks 75% cost
6 weeks 50% cost
7 weeks 25% cost
8 weeks Full refund

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