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Trusted Assessor Children and Young People

What is a Trusted Assessor? A ‘Trusted Assessor’, when trained, will be able to assess for and prescribe a simple solution or a basic piece of equipment to meet the needs of an individual.

Developed from the competence framework of good practice for Trusted Assessors this course is flexible and capable of being delivered in different settings.

By achieving accreditation as a Trusted Assessor you will have the skills to expedite the provision of low level equipment need by young disabled people, their family and carers to remain as independent as possible and able to manage their own conditions more effectively.

As our workforce is deployed in different ways and new roles are defined the Trusted Assessor accreditation will help to promote confidence and job satisfaction

By training staff as a trusted assessor highly qualified healthcare professionals can be freed up to assess more complex cases that require their specialised skills.

Target group

Staff supporting disabled children in education, healthcare assistants, physiotherapy assistants, occupational therapy assistants, social work assistants, personal or care assistants, driver/fitters and all other professionals involved in the prescribing and fitting of low level equipment to young people.

The Trusted Assessor course uses a set of competencies which can be demonstrated and assessed at level 2 so that delegates achieve a general awareness which will inform the reasoning process which they will use when prescribing standard low level equipment.

Following the course assessment of the employee’s performance must occur in the workplace and observation should be a naturally occurring practice.

There is a homework element which must be passed in order to achieve accreditation as a Trusted Assessor.


Jude Cookson BSc ( Hons) Occupational Therapist
Chris Cammiss Disability Trainer and Advisor

Prices and Booking

Cost: £400 + VAT including Open Awards registration and verification.

Terms and conditions

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