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Safeguarding 1/2 Day Training

Course Details

This course will help you to understand and be able to recognise safeguarding issues, when action is needed and how to respond.


  • Identify the reasons that people become vulnerable
  • Identify the nature and possible causes of abuse
  • Identify the legislation and organisational policy in relation to abuse and neglect.
  • Identify signs and symptoms of abuse
  • Describe how to respond to abuse or neglect
  • Identify how to respond to an a disclosure of abuse

Target Group: Staff who need to be aware of safeguarding issues and responses.

Presenters: PGCEPat Scott HND BA Hons PGCE and Alison Meadows RN ONC BA Hons PGCE

To book contact the training team on 0161 607 8209 or email training@disabledliving.co.uk

Disabled Living reserves the right to cancel/rearrange course dates.
An alternative date or full refund would be offered.
In the case of a delegate cancelling the following charges will be incurred:
28 days or less full cost
5 weeks 75% cost
6 weeks 50% cost
7 weeks 25% cost
8 weeks Full refund