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Positive Handling, Children and Young People

Physical skills to safely intervene for those working with children or young people

Bespoke for Your Organisation

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This BTEC Positive Handling course helps to minimise the risks associated when holding, handling or physically intervening with children and young people. It not only teaches staff a range of appropriate and effective physical skills, but in addition, provides them with a concise Legal Briefing on their rights and responsibilities pertaining to the use of force. The focus of our training is always on de-escalating situations; however, it is important for staff to know how to safely and effectively intervene physically where necessary, in order to prevent a greater harm from occurring.

How to book

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Sessions on this Positive Handling Course

Session 1

The Legal Brief/Theory includes sections on;
• Human Rights and how they apply
• Searching of pupils
• Strategies for managing very small children
• The laws surrounding Reasonable force
• Seclusion & the use of “Time out” rooms
• Reporting and Recording Incidents

Session 2

Physical Skills
This session equips participants with the necessary physical skills to intervene where it is deemed necessary to prevent harm. It consists of a set of easy to recall, properly medically risk assessed, bespoke physical skills and enables staff to consider the holding, handling & escorting of their individual specific needs relevant to their workplace and service users. We take into consideration the size of your service users and the associated risks, your environment, any transport considerations, seated holds, breakaways and situations where staff may be left alone with a young person.

The practical course covers:
• Holding strategies – including for larger or smaller children and seated holds
• Escorting techniques to allow the safe transport or removal of pupils
• Breakaway & disengagement techniques including strategies for reducing the associated risks of kicking, biting and hair pulling.


Doug Melia

Target Group

Healthcare Workers, Schools/ Colleges, Social Workers, Housing Officers, anyone who may be faced with Challenging Behaviour.

Terms and conditions

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