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June, 2019

Art Therapy for People on the Autism Spectrum

assorted coloured chalks on wood surface

This post has been written by one of our contributors, Brenda Kimble. Autism is a neurological disorder that is evident at birth and the causes for this condition are presently unknown. Symptoms include social dysfunction, compulsive and repetitive behaviour, sensory sensitivity and lack of verbal communication. Conventional treatment typically involves behaviour modification, which alters negative […]


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Access Audit Training at the Foreign Office

cetotaph war memorial and Foreign and Commonwealth Office

This post has been written by Chris Cammis, Disabled Living’s Disability Trainer & Advisor. He shares his experience of delivering Access Audit training at the Foreign Office. This is Chris signing in to tell you about my latest exploit – the Foreign Office, no less! We’d been contacted months ago to create a course on […]


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