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How Dance Group AwA (Atypical with Attitude) Break Down Barriers

AwA are ambassadors of the SEND community. Through the power of dance, AwA aims to break down barriers to inclusivity and integration, changing perceptions and stereotypes with the goal to change the way the world looks at disability. Through hard work, discipline, perseverance and dedication, the AwA dance team has improved the lives and opportunities […]

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Art Therapy for People on the Autism Spectrum

assorted coloured chalks on wood surface

This post has been written by one of our contributors, Brenda Kimble. Autism is a neurological disorder that is evident at birth and the causes for this condition are presently unknown. Symptoms include social dysfunction, compulsive and repetitive behaviour, sensory sensitivity and lack of verbal communication. Conventional treatment typically involves behaviour modification, which alters negative […]


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6 Fun Activities to Help You Bond with Your Autistic Child

mother and autistic son playing with colouring chalks at home

Brenda Kimble is a writer and stay-at-home mother of two daughters and a son, plus their beagle named Duke! She loves blogging, crafting, and spending time with her family. She is also a strong advocate for those with special needs and writes to give a voice to the often unheard. She shares some fun activities […]

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My Journey with Autism from a Teenager to an Adult

blonde barbie doll wearing pink top

This blog post is written by a young woman named Aspling who shares her journey of life on the autism spectrum. This is also featured on Redbank House, who are part of Disabled Living. Let’s be honest here, when you think of autism you generally think about children, with adults being an afterthought. And in […]


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