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August, 2019

No Place like an Accessible Home!

close up photo of kerry

Many of us fondly remember the image of a young farm girl, clicking the heels of her sparkling, ruby red slippers and longingly chanting the words, “There’s no place like home, there’s no place like home…” Her tale isn’t a far cry away from most disabled people’s dream of wanting their own forever home. I […]


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One in Five Supermarket Disabled Parking Bays Being Abused

disability car parking sign to reserved space

Supported by Baroness Grey-Thompson. In June Disabled Motoring UK (DMUK) asked the public to help with their Baywatch Campaign by surveying their local supermarket car park for disabled parking abuse. The results have now been calculated. DMUK would like to thank everybody who participated in this year’s Baywatch Campaign. This year we had the biggest […]

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Why Standardising Objects of Reference Can Render Them Meaningless

father's hand and child's hand playing with toy cars

The phrase “Objects of Reference” refers to a communication support system whereby particular objects associated with particular activities are used to communicate to a person with complex disabilities that certain activities are about to take place. For example someone might be handed a continence pad before being taken to the toilet, or be given their […]

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Encouraging Amputees and Individuals with Limb Difference to Get Active and Improve Their Physical and Mental Health

young boy walking with a lady wearing a limbpower tshirt

The charity LimbPower are working throughout the month of August to encourage and engage with people with a limb difference, to help them kick start a healthy and active lifestyle. Being active has so many health benefits, including aiding mobility, rehabilitation and improving quality of life. Through sharing and promoting the Ottobock Fitness App (available through the […]

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