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Sensory Wellness Inspired by People with Profound Disabilities

Boy in wheelchair laughing with his two sisters

This is a guest blog for Disabled Living written by Joanna Grace from The Sensory Projects. It has been written in Joanna’s perspective around the pandemic and her thoughts on sensory wellness, inspired by people with profound disabilities.  As lockdown began, many people with profound and multiple learning disabilities who had been used to leading […]

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Are You Sitting Comfortably?

Child on AAT GB posture cushion

This is a guest blog for Disabled Living written by Peter Wingrave, Sales Director at AAT GB Postural support: it’s one of the biggest headaches for carers and healthcare professionals, how to balance appropriate cushioning with health and wellbeing. Treating pressure sores costs the NHS £1.3m/day(1). Before that stage is reached, how much time do carers- […]

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Sensory-Friendly Halloween Costume Ideas

For some individuals, Halloween can pose extra challenges. Although dressing up can often be something to look forward to, itchy seams, tight collars, restrictive masks, or strong-smelling face paint may be unbearable for those with sensory issues. Costumes bought from shops may be particularly uncomfortable. However, making simple sensory-friendly costumes is a great solution for […]

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How Dance Group AwA (Atypical with Attitude) Break Down Barriers

AwA are ambassadors of the SEND community. Through the power of dance, AwA aims to break down barriers to inclusivity and integration, changing perceptions and stereotypes with the goal to change the way the world looks at disability. Through hard work, discipline, perseverance and dedication, the AwA dance team has improved the lives and opportunities […]

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Visual Supports: How they can help improve lives

visual supports - orkid ideas

Clare and Deborah of Orkid Ideas are two mums passionate about visual supports and how they can be used to improve the lives of children, and adults with disabilities. They designed and developed TomTag – an award-winning visual support tool, inspired and named after Clare’s son Tomas who has autism. Whilst we all rely on […]

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Why Standardising Objects of Reference Can Render Them Meaningless

father's hand and child's hand playing with toy cars

The phrase “Objects of Reference” refers to a communication support system whereby particular objects associated with particular activities are used to communicate to a person with complex disabilities that certain activities are about to take place. For example someone might be handed a continence pad before being taken to the toilet, or be given their […]

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