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Understanding Life with Synaesthesia

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Put simply, Synaesthesia is a condition where your senses ‘leak’ into each other. 3 different types of Synaesthesia Colours and patterns (shapes, distinctive colours). Someone may have a certain colour for a certain letter. For example, A = Red and B = Green. Each person with synaesthesia won’t always have the same colour for each […]

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Diabetes Week 2017 ‘Know Diabetes. Fight Diabetes.’

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There are many awareness weeks this week including Diabetes Week with the theme of ‘Know Diabetes. Fight Diabetes.’ The awareness week runs from 11-17 June as we come together to spread information about diabetes that people may not have known before. Over at Redbank House, we wanted to know how many people the members of […]

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Lunch and Learn with Phil Moore – A Discussion on Seating and Posture

Our latest Lunch and Learn session at Disabled Living saw Burrows House full to the brim with therapists from all over Manchester for The Care Teams Seating Session. 17 therapists  at our Disabled Living Training room were joined by Phil Moore as he talked about the importance of seating. In his discussion of seating in the […]

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An Afternoon with Wiltshire Farm Foods

wiltshire farm foods

On Friday 20 May 2017, our team over at Burrows House enjoyed a dinner by Wiltshire Farm Foods. To begin the event, we were provided with texture modified foods and information about specifications, swallowing precautions, and the different types of purée food. With the purée food in particular, we didn’t really know if it would […]

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