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An Afternoon with Wiltshire Farm Foods at Disabled Living

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On Friday 20 May 2017, our team over at Burrows House enjoyed a dinner by Wiltshire Farm Foods. To begin the event, we were provided with texture modified foods and information about specifications, swallowing precautions, and the different types of purée food. With the purée food in particular, we didn’t really know if it would be so appetising.

Purée food taster session

However, the presentation of the food was surprisingly nice, and the taste was tastier than expected.

There is a fantastic range of purée food. – Angela

There were a range of dishes to choose from where different volumes of calories can be chosen. For example, there is a choice of mini meals for the evening and large meals for lunch for those who need a certain calorie intake to support their diet. With each mouthful, there’s a big concentration on taste for the Wiltshire Farm Food’s customers.

Wiltshire Farm Foods Brochure Purée Bakewell Sponge

As each customer has different needs and requirements, it’s important to cater for all. For those with food allergies, Wiltshire Farm Foods like to make the meals more vibrant so it can look more appealing for the customer.  Also, they have a ‘Nutritious and Delicious’ option where the meals contain less than 400 calories. Alongside this, is the option of foods which include low fat, low salt, and gluten free.

Non-allergy food option

Meals with vitamin D and calcium help to keep customer’s bones strong and help to prevent any bone conditions from worsening. Not everybody likes the vitamin chewy option; however, it is important that those who need it do consume it.

Likewise with the purée food, a person with excellent health can take one look at the food and think it doesn’t look too delicious, but when you think about it from the perspective of a person who has this as their only option for food intake, you realise just how important food is to them in order to keep them healthy.

Lemon Sponge and Custard

Key facts about Wiltshire Farm Foods

  • The best selling meal is roast beef
  • 85 years old is the average customer age
  • Main meals start from the price of £2.99
  • Most meals take 8-12 minutes in the microwave or 35 in the oven to cook

We asked David Barker, who delivered the event, what makes Wiltshire Farm Foods different from other services that offer frozen ready meals?

We make all of our own meals using fresh ingredients and freeze them quickly to lock in all the nutrition flavour and goodness and then deliver them.

Wilshire Foods banner

To see more reasons why you should choose Wiltshire Farm Foods, see what they have to say for themselves.

Wiltshire Farm Foods deliver their meals between 9.00am and 3.00pm so that it is within hours of daylight.


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