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October, 2017

Disabled Living’s 120th AGM at the Yang Sing Cathay

yang sing cathay interior of restaurant with tree and lights

Friday 13th is unlucky for some. However, this can’t be said for Disabled Living. The team put together a lot of plans and preparation to hold their 120th Annual General Meeting at the Yang Sing Cathay in the Trafford Centre. And it was a successful and enjoyable afternoon for all. Gerry Yeung OBE, owner of […]

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A Quarter of the Public ‘Don’t Know What Cerebral Palsy Is’

mother and son with cerebral palsy

This post has been written by JMW Solicitors. JMW Solicitors support families affected by cerebral palsy caused as a result of medical negligence. A team of expert solicitors ensure families receive the best possible care package and support to lead as normal life as possible. JMW fully support an initiative to raise awareness and highlight the […]

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How You Can Look After Your Back

woman with backache

This year, Back Care Awareness Week is taking place during 2nd – 6th October. According to Backcare, 1 in 4 people suffer daily or regularly with back pain. Have you ever been one of these people? Our Supplier Directory could be of great assistance for you, with over 50 suppliers in our Chairs, Seating, and […]

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Guidance on Choosing What to Keep in Your Archive

archive storage room

This is the second blog from Heather Roberts (HerArchivist, archive consultant), explaining the process we undertook for appraising our photographs archive. Appraisal Appraisal is a term that archivists use a lot. It means “choosing what to keep”. Contrary to some beliefs, we are not “professional hoarders”. Well, most of us aren’t, I have my suspicions […]

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