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Surviving or Thriving? Neuro Difference Pre and Post Lockdown

Every Cloud has a Silver Lining

For Autism Awareness Month, Disabled Living’s contributing writer, Joanna Grace, shares her experience of lockdown, including some of her personal silver-linings in the last year.  My father’s nickname for my mother is Pollyanna. He has named her after the child in the book of the same name written by E.H. Porter who always sought out […]

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How to Combat Stress During Unprecedented Times

Person combatting stress by meditating by the sea and sunset

This is an article written by Jayne Watson, an Occupational Therapist at Disabled Living. Due to unprecedented times, is stress causing you to feel lethargic, emotional, motivationless with minimal interest to do anything? During our lives, we all experience some form of depression, low mood and fatigue. However how we deal with it may be […]

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Is Sport Really So Important?

deb walking her dog

Deborah Bell, Enablement Manager at Disabled Living talks about the importance of sport and how it can help you to stay active during the Covid-19 lockdown. Yes, sport really is so important because it can develop from exercise! Having been in lockdown for the last few weeks, with one of the few reasons we can […]

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Supporting Your Disabled Colleagues in the Workplace and During Covid-19

young woman in a wheelchair with her colleagues

Sponsored post sent to Disabled Living by Minton Morrill. This blog article will take you through some of the ways you can support your disabled colleagues in the workplace and through the current Covid-19 pandemic. Whether it be a congenital disability from birth, something that’s been brought on by a spinal injury, or a condition […]

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