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Visual Supports: How they can help improve lives

visual supports - orkid ideas

Clare and Deborah of Orkid Ideas are two mums passionate about visual supports and how they can be used to improve the lives of children, and adults with disabilities. They designed and developed TomTag – an award-winning visual support tool, inspired and named after Clare’s son Tomas who has autism. Whilst we all rely on […]

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In the Dock: Training on How to Avoid Legal Issues in the Workplace  

in the dock featured image

At Disabled Living, we often see and help people who have had accidents at work. Hence, we have courses that help not only healthcare professionals, but also people in other industries such as construction and road building who may be exposed to certain hazards. The aim of the course is to keep people safe and […]

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Answer Cancer: A new year’s resolution that could save your life

Answer Cancer logo

Are you one of those people who have not taken up a cancer-screening appointment? Have you left a bowel cancer-screening test to gather dust on the shelf?  If so, then why not make a new year’s resolution to re-arrange your appointment or use the bowel testing kit, if you have received one, because it could save […]

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Preparing to Travel with an Autoimmune Disease

person looking out airport window with suitcase

Autoimmune disease is an extremely broad category of medical conditions, which makes offering helpful advice across the board thwart with difficulties. There’s close to 100 different disorders listed in medical literature include well-known examples such as Type 1 Diabetes, and Rheumatoid Arthritis. The shared thread that ties them all together is that they involve the […]


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How to Keep Warm and Healthy This Winter with a Disability

how to warm up this winter header

This post has been written by Aimee Knight on behalf of Willowbrook Mobility Direct who feature in our Disabled Living Supplier Directory. If you have a disability, you could be more prone to illness, especially in the winter months. Therefore, it’s so important to stay warm and healthy when the colder weather sets in. Keeping […]


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The Links Between Abi Rehabilitation and Sports and Social Life

footballers kicking football on pitch

Sarah Jones, Senior Associate at Clarke Willmott LLP, attends our In the Dock with a Expert Witness workshop. We recently spoke to Sarah to hear all about the ‘Boots, Balls and Brains’ event discover the links between ABI Rehabilitation and sports and social life.  About ‘Boots, Balls and Brains’ For football fans, those interested in […]


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Disabled Living’s 122nd Annual Meeting

people sat in restaurant watching Gerry deliver his speech

Last month we commemorated Disabled Living’s 122nd Annual Meeting at Yang Sing Cathay based at Intu Trafford Centre. Throughout 2018-2019, Disabled Living continued to work together to provide information and advice for disabled people, their families and carers to help them achieve optimum independence and self-determination. Chief Executive of our charity, Debra Evans, explained that […]

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LimbPower Create New Player Pathway Resource to Increase Engagement in Activity

person with limb impairment taking part in sport

LimbPower have introduced their new player pathway resource to increase sport activity for athletes and non-athletes with a limb impairment. Sport is for everyone, whatever your age or physical ability. Access can be more challenging for persons with a limb impairment and there can be a myriad of questions, challenges and barriers to overcome, whether […]


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Exploring Profound and Multiple Learning Disabilities and Profound and Multiple Barriers to Learning

colourful umbrella in the rain

In her last post, guest contributor Joanna Grace, said that some people will never become symbolic communicators, a sentence that may have jarred those used to presuming that everyone can achieve, even if it is in very small steps and will take a very long time. Joanna now talks about multiple learning disabilities and the […]


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