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The Trekinetic Wheelchair by Beyond the Boundary Wheelchairs

woman in wheelchair with 2 dogs on the beach

This post has been written by Michelle Katz from Beyond the Boundary Wheelchairs who are listed in our Supplier Directory.

Viv and I are partners in Beyond The Boundary Wheelchairs. We are also sisters and counsellors, and we both chose our profession so we could ‘make a difference’ and help people live their lives in a happier, more fulfilling way.

When we first discovered the Trekinetic wheelchair we realised, surprisingly so, that these lightweight and all terrain chairs offered the same betterments for disabled people, their families and caregivers, as counselling did for our clients.

Feeling safe and confident that the chair will cope with most terrains, means people can live their lives in an increasingly freeing, independent and happier way. And as horizons broaden, and challenges previously unattainable or withdrawn from, are faced, self esteem and confidence increases, enabling even more obstacles to be tackled. One might call it a forward propelling cycle..mentally, physically, emotionally and probably spiritually too.

Meeting incredible people

In the 5 years we’ve been selling Trekinetics we have met some of the most incredible people, and when we’re told how much difference the chair has made to their lives, we are simply tickled pink.

GTE silver side view

To witness someone who has lived opposite the moors at Dartmoor for years but never been able to access them until she tried the powered trekinetic GTE, was just magical for everyone, and truly an emotional experience. A year later, Hannah sent us this:

I’ve lived on Dartmoor’s doorstep my entire life end yet until now I have been unable to negotiate any of its undulations, styles, see its beautiful sunsets, visit any of my favourite places or experience new ones without much effort. Now I’m pleased to say that’s a thing of the past. The speed is awesome! The chair is very comfortable and light. In all honesty when you look at the chair for the first time you could be forgiven for thinking it would make it at all, to anywhere but then it does! I’ve owned the GTE for over a year and am having a fantastic time and I’m looking forward to many more fantastic times.

Much to our wonderful designer and manufacturer’s delight, (petrolhead and former tool maker for Formula 1, Mike Spindle) Hannah went on to say:

“As amazing as perhaps collecting the keys to a brand-new F type Jaguar – the Trekinetic GTE is smart, beautiful, sharp and in a league of its own; this is infinitely better, it’s life changing.”

woman in wheelchair looking at the view

Helen looking over the scenery in New York

woman in wheelchair outside in the snow

Helen outside in the snow

We love gathering information about what people think of the Trekinetic, but it was with a little trepidation when we asked Julia what she thought of our State of The Art, Funky 3 Wheeled Off Road Powered Chair, as she too is an engineer! Mike was of course thrilled with her 10/10 for style and we were delighted she’d get to keep her husband!

I wanted a chair that was light weight, powered and all terrain, and would enable me to go for walks with my husband so he didn’t have to go alone (or find a new partner!) I absolutely loved the design, and would, if asked, give it 10/10 for style. Thank you for your time, attention to detail & patience. I can’t think of anything that would have improved my first experience, and my order is in the post. Julia V. – Slough, UK

Helen has travelled some 230 miles in the 2.5 years she’s had her chair. She’s been to wonderful places in the UK and abroad. She was especially pleased she could continue to go out when it snowed.

Maggie takes her dogs to their agility classes, and then for a lovely run and playtime on the beach.

woman in wheelchair with 2 dogs on the beach

And then I met Elisabeth. Beautiful, energetic, crazy, shoe addict, and owner of the Ultimate Vegan Cafe (opening soon in Lichfield). There is no denying the Trekinetics are eye catching, and Elisabeth has certainly caught the eye of several celebrities, including Steven Fry and her idol, Eric Cantona.

elisabeth and eric cantona smiling for photo

Elisabeth said: “I have had my green chair for two months now and it has changed my life.” 

She continued to say:

I loved the wheelchair immediately. It was comfortable, practical and looked great. I was amazed at all the options available for the chair. A dog walking attachment for a dog lead an umbrella, a fitted water bottle and a range of colours for the chair. I have had my green chair for two months now and it has changed my life. I cannot wait to go out the house now, the chair is so easy to drive, I get stopped so many times by strangers asking me about my chair.

I have been across fields and around London shopping. I love it. It fits into our car a lot easier than my old one and is much lighter. I love my chair so much I have ordered a second one. I am going to Vegas in October and can’t wait, as I know how comfortable and agile my chair will be. Thank you Beyond the Boundary Wheelchairs for making my life a happier and more fulfilled one. – All–terrain Trekinetic GTE Wheelchair owner

GTE folded away in car woman in wheelchair in front of van with her dog

We are so proud to be involved with Trekinetic

There is simply no other chair like it. We know it won’t suit everyone, and that the majority of wheelchair users generally have at least 2 chairs. However because they’re bespoke, so many adaptations are possible. They’re great outdoors and incredibly maneuverable indoors. They can be lifted and put it any almost every car. To our knowledge the GTE is the only Powered All Terrain wheelchair in the world where that’s possible. It’s suitable for children and can be adapted as they grow and reach adulthood. And the chairs are incredibly comfortable and safe.

Viv and I really enjoy meeting people and enabling them to try the Trekinetic out in their homes. If you’re interested in having a no obligation demo, please do call us 07973 731194 / 07885 059990

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