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Preparing to Travel with an Autoimmune Disease

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Autoimmune disease is an extremely broad category of medical conditions, which makes offering helpful advice across the board thwart with difficulties. There’s close to 100 different disorders listed in medical literature include well-known examples such as Type 1 Diabetes, and Rheumatoid Arthritis.

The shared thread that ties them all together is that they involve the body’s immune defence system malfunctioning in some way so it turns against our own bodily functions, or is else triggered by things in our food or environment.

Apart from that, the causes, symptoms and treatments vary greatly from condition to condition. So, when it comes to travelling with an autoimmune disorder. Here are some things to bear in mind.

Travel may well cause autoimmune disease symptoms to flare up

Travel, and flying in particular, has been widely linked to worsening symptoms of autoimmune conditions. Our immune systems are sensitive to fluctuations in hormone levels, and when things are kept in delicate balances, the emotional and physical exertions of flying can be enough to trigger immune responses you don’t want.

Advice on how to keep stress levels to a minimum while travelling include things like taking food with you so you can stick to normal eating routines, and also planning plenty of rest into your itinerary.

Get the right travel insurance

Managing your condition while abroad will vary according to which disorder you suffer from. But one general principle that applies whatever particular disease you have is planning ahead in case you need medical attention while you are away.

This includes things like looking up emergency numbers and local doctors, pharmacists and hospitals before you travel. But it also means taking out the right kind of travel insurance which will cover the costs involved should you need medical help.

Whatever specific condition you have, it is vital that you take out appropriate autoimmune disorders travel insurance from a specialist provider. These types of policy will schedule in specific cover for your condition and any treatments related to it, giving you the peace of mind of setting off with travel insurance that fully meets your needs.

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