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10 Reasons Why Carers Are So Important

Carers Week header

Carers Week’s annual campaign aims to raise awareness of carers in the United Kingdom, highlighting the challenges that carers face and the support received by families, professionals, and communities. 

Recognise, support, and celebrate

Come together to show your love and support for those who take the patience, positivity, and determination that it takes to care for somebody who needs their help. It’s worth considering the importance of carers and the wonderful job that they do.

3 in 4 carers don’t feel their caring role is understood or valued by their community – carersweek.org

…and that’s something that needs to be changed.

What makes cares so important?

  1. The number of older people is rising and that means more carers are needed
  2. Carers do their best around challenging circumstances
  3. Carers dedicate a lot of time in their role
  4. They are compassionate and want to make a difference
  5. Their experience and professionalism creates a lot of great empathy
  6. They create a resilient working environment
  7. They see things from a greater perspective
  8. They provide company just by being there for somebody
  9. They deal with personal situations – whether it be personal physical care or simply listening
  10. They do their utmost to make sure a person is happy and comfortable

Sometimes, there can be people who try to take caring up as a profession but they can no longer continue. One of my friends started a job as a carer and she cried on the first evening because the emotional and physical exhaustion was too much for her to handle.

However, my mum was a carer for an elderly lady called, Alice, who shared a long-term friendship with my grandparents. She continued to support her even when Alice was the only one left in the friendship triangle. My mum would shop for her, go to the exact places Alice required her shopping to be from; cook for her; clean; bath her and so on. – Natasha, Marketing Coordinator & Content Writer at Disabled Living

Single Handed Care

Single Handed Care Day at Redbank House in April

Here at Disabled Living, we value all of those wonderful carers who want to help others, who face obstacles and don’t let it get in the way of their determination to make a difference. We admire those who support the elderly, disabled people, and anyone of any age who requires a carer to make their lives better for them as they most possibly can.

Our equipment room showcases our range for facilities to help care for disabled and older people.

Kitchen | Disabled Living

Bed | Disabled Living

Bathroom | Disabled Living

We will continue to value carers

Disabled Living are proud to have pledged our support for carers. Are you going to show your support? So far there has been an amazing response to pledges and you can help increase that number.

Spread the word in the workplace, your community, and anywhere you can. See more here.


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