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The Importance of Disabled Living’s Work and How Small Charity Week Helps Us

Disabled Living reception with carmel and receptionist

For our second blog supporting Small Charity Week, we would like to share the impact that Disabled Living’s work over the last 120 years has given people. Ever since Disabled Living established in 1897, we were a small charity in Salford and Manchester.

We were guided expertly by the occupational therapist who took a great deal of trouble explaining the pros and cons of stair lifts.

Mr B D – Altrincham

Disabled Living

There were even more events and highlights that happened in between these days. A full list of our history can be found here which includes an expansion to include training, continence service, extended occupational therapy services and craft classes.

Two more recent highlights are the refurbishment of Redbank House in 2011 and our new centre in Worsley being opened by Sir Alex Ferguson in 2012.

Redbank House

Alex Ferguson 2012

Disabled Living 2012

Now we have grown nationally, and even parts have developed internationally. Developing products is very important to us. Not only does it help to keep us financially stable but it also means we are helping people with the equipment and services that they need as the world evolves each day.

We work across all types of long-term disabilities providing people with solutions and building our relationships.

Debra Evans, Chief Executive of Disabled Living

How Small Charity Week Helps Us

  • They help to promote what it is that Disabled Living do as a charity
  • They help to raise awareness of our different services
  • They help to raise awareness and build relationships with charities across the UK

Follow Disabled Living on Twitter to see how we’ll be involved with Small Charity Week.

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